Colorado CDL Physical Exams

CDL holders in the state of Colorado must have a DOT medical and self certification on file with their State Driver License Administration. Commercial drivers have to be medically fit to operate a commercial motor vehicle, and the purpose of a DOT medical is to prove the medical fitness of a driver. You have to meet certain health requirements in order to obtain a medical examiner’s certificate. These requirements include blood pressure test, physical exam, and vision and hearing tests.

A commercial driver’s health history is very important, which is why you have to answer various questions about any potential diseases, chronic pains and disorders that may prevent you from operating a commercial vehicle in a safe manner. If you have epilepsy and experience seizures frequently, if you’ve head heart surgery, loss of hearing, if you have nervous psychiatric disorders, if you experience fainting or dizziness, if you have muscular disease, you must inform the DMV about it by checking the boxes in the health history section of the medical examination report.

Your uncorrected vision in each eye must not be worse than 20/40. If you wear corrective lenses, you have to wear them while your vision is being tested, and it will be noted on the Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

If you can perceive a forced whispered voice with your better ear from at least 5 feet, with or without hearing aids. If you are using hearing aids, that information will be included in the Medical Examiner’s Certificate. Also, you have to wear your hearing aids at all times while operating a commercial vehicle.

You must have a blood pressure of 140-159/90-99 to obtain a Medical Certificate that lasts 1 year. If your pressure is 160-179/100-109, you will obtain a one-time certificate that expires in 3 months, and if your blood pressure is higher than 180/110, you will receive a certificate that 6 months from the date of the exam.

Lastly, your protein and sugar level in your urine will be analyzed, and if the results are unsatisfactory, you will have to undergo additional tests.

The copy of the DOT Medical Certificate can be presented in person at any DMV office, sent by mail, or faxed.

Locations for Colorado physicals can be found here:

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